A story of making impacts on people's life

We are a team of engineers who strive to improve everyday life to make a big impact on people's life.

Our mission is to constantly evolve to innovate smart products to help make your life easier, safer, and enjoyable. Each of our products is carefully conceptualized and designed to keep you organized and always on track without compromising the style and quality.

From "Aspen Tyke Traveler" to "MOOV".....
In 2010, we were gifted with our son, Alex. Whatever control we thought we had over our lives changed forever. We both are engineers and constantly are looking for better ways to do things, better systems, and better ways to raise our son.

In 2020 we decided to expand beyond our original goal of parenting Hacks and renamed our company to MOOV U.S.A. Inc. to broaden our goals from parenting to all aspects of life to simplify life and keep our backers MOOV forward!