Workcation Mode Activated

Great for when you’re in workcation, it switches from business to pleasure in an instant.

Its modular design lets you customize it in an infinite number of ways. You can remove and add accessories as you wish, ensuring it accommodates your day-to-day life.

Fit Under the Plane Seat

Sized to easily fit under the plane seat and still gives quick access to your essentials during the flight

Slide Over the Carry-On

Luggage strap discreetly on the back to easily attach to your carry-on or luggage when traveling.

TSA Breezy

The front zippers maximize access to easily pack, reach items rummage-free, and be quickly inspected (by TSA).

Moov Leather Bag With Maximize Space

Light & Comfortable

Light Weight - so there's almost no additional weight of the bag to carry around.

Secure in Public

Prevent bag steeling with MOOV buckled straps

Water Resistance

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