BALANCE Collection

Good-Bye Rummaging

The various sized See-Through Pockets are strategically placed to easily see all the items in the bag at a glance, provide quick access to all essentials. and optimize storage.

Hi! Agility

Free your hands and Move Freely with the building buckles and MOOV strap system.

- Convert bag from one style to others

- Attach the bag to a stroller or secure the bag to a chair for safety

- Strap a yoga mat and much more

Reduce Brain Fatigue w/ Checklist

If you see a ✔, good, your item is there! If you see an ✘, better start looking for it!

Label the pockets if you want to remind yourself of the essentials you must have. Or, just leave it blank if you prefer.

Refresh | Repurpose | Reconfig

With modular designed of BALANCE, you can customize the bag to fit your lifestyle by removable/additional accessories.

Keep Sleek Look

The bottle holders are strategically placed inside the bag to keep the sleek look. Your bottle is held upright in its place, no laying around in the bag.

The holders are adjustable to fit the size of your cups or bottles.

The Making

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